Leaders in Technology Surveillance

ACES Private Investigations Dallas specializes in computer, mobile, and field surveillance. We have state of art electronics to capture vital information on any device.

Phone hacking, SMS recovery, SD Card recovery, and Social Engineering. Please see our technology security offerings below.

Contact our technology department for more information on any of our services.

Phone Hacking

Recover deleted SMS Texts, phone numbers, contacts, photos, MMS, and call logs. Our Forensic software supports the following models and brands of phones.unsynced IPHONE (ALL), Windows Phones, Android, HTC, ZTE, Blackberry, and Samsung Galaxy. Contact Us

SD Card & Data Recovery

SD Cards are small data storage cards used in phones, cameras, and video cameras. Although the images or videos have been deleted, they often at times still reside in the card. Our forensic software will recover these files for our clients no matter if they reside on the card or have been deleted. Contact Us

GPS Tracking

Our investigators will place a GPS tracker on any vehicle and allow you to see one day to one week of travel from the vehicle. Contact Us

Hidden Cameras

We use cutting edge suveillance for recording audio and visual images and video. Contact Us

Computer Data Recovery

We can recover browser history of visited websites, data on the computer, bypass passwords, and recover deleted files that have been sent to the recycle bin. We can also install a keylogger that will recover all typed text. We also have software that is approved by the DOJ that will hold up in Court cases both criminal and civil. Contact Us

Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the art of physically or verbally persuading someone to allow an attacker to gain access to a facility, system, or data. Whether your company needs to conduct security penetration testing or you just want to know what your security posture is in its current state, ACES can assist you. Contact Us

Bait Daiting

We have female and male investigators who can target individuals and test their faith in marriages or relationships. Contact Us

Social Networking and Dating Site Profiling

Ever wonder if your spouse or love one is living a double life? Our IT security team can find out if an email address or phone number has ever been used on a dating site or social network site for cheating. Contact Us

Security Auditing

We can conduct physical security audits, business audits, network audits to include Firewall rules, pen testing, blackbox testing, and also computer log audits. ACES highly trained IT Security staff will output and deliver reports and grade your security posture while also consulting with you to improve your findings. Contact Us